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Haru is a mermaid XD.

Makoto x Haru. :D

ew. 7u7
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this is the most horrifying photo i’ve ever seen
Got my visa

Holy shit I’m really going to Scotland. Wait, I need to go but my plane ticket.

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Day 4: Which Anime Character(s) Would You Want As A Best Friend?

Makoto Tachibana

Where to begin? He is beyond precious and cares so much…like he is such a mom.

And he is also hella fine.

And his back muscles are crazy.

But mostly it is because he is so happy and positive and overall adorable. In the words of a wise friend of mine, he is a human sun. Everything about Makoto is wonderful and I crave his friendship.

What a babe.

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Omg why is Makoto from Free! so damn hot

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Makotos first choice to sleep with is Haru… Mhmm

I can’t breathe